Mobile Car Detailing in Essex

From windscreen chips to bumper scratches, we bring the bodywork repairs directly to you!

So, what's the difference between car valeting and car detailing? Typically, our auto detailing services are more intensive and complex when compared with our more typical car cleaning services. Ideal for those with luxury vehicles, our detailing services involve a thorough, deep clean with the best quality of equipment and products to better safeguard your investment and ensure the longevity of your automobile. If you're after the best possible finish that actually protects your car inside and out (more than just getting it clean), our talented team of car valets can offer you an incredible polish, shine and paint correction service that will make your sports car look like new! Particularly if your car is accruing little dents, scratches and defects as it ages and you're struggling to find the time to find a garage, our mobile car detailing services will likely be perfect for you. Whether you just want to treasure your gorgeous auto for years to come or increase its resale value when the time comes to look elsewhere, comprehensive detailing services will help your car look like it's just rolled out of the manufacturers', over and over again!


Many of our clients simply want to prolong the life of premium vehicles or strive towards retaining a new car in exceptional condition. However, we also advocate for professional car detailing as winter approaches, to better protect your auto from adverse weather conditions, harsh temperatures and the negative effects of the salt and chemicals which are used on the roads.


The AAP's approach to intensive auto detailing

 Naturally, we thoroughly rinse, degrease and wash the vehicle to prepare it for the more intensive paintwork and detailing service. Removing ingrained dirt, grime and grease is crucial towards successfully accessing the car body, as well as eradicating contaminants like tar and insect residue. We use a variety of pressure wash and hand wash methods to ensure that we absorb the grit and gently remove any pollutants to prevent harming the paintwork. A variety of polishes, waxes and sealants will take your vehicle to a breathtakingly glossy shine and work to preserve the effect for as long as possible. Swirls, scuffs and water marks will all disappear during our meticulous car detailing process. We select our products carefully, so you can rest assured that whether we're cleaning plastic exterior trim or a chrome grill, everything is being polished and conditioned appropriately, in accordance with the material.


We address the interior of your vehicle in a similar fashion, eliminating all dust and dirt from the seats, carpets and upholstery to determine what level of deep cleaning is required, such as shampooing the rugs. Every aspect of the interior is addressed, from your steering wheel and air vents down to your brakes. We also apply a finish to assist in repelling dirt and dust and polish the glass to guarantee a smear-free shine. Naturally, we're experts when it comes to leather interiors and utilise a gentle cleaner and conditioner to restore the scent and feel of the leather you love.


The car body aside, we also provide a deep clean, polish and seal to get your wheels sparkling whilst lending rubber protection to your tyres. You can rest assured that we won't overlook the engine during this process, either. Not only can we improve the look of the metal, we can clean, degrease and dress the engine and any rubber hoses, as well. From the badges to the rubber door seals, no stone will be left unturned and no surface will be left untouched.


Choose Advanced Auto Preparation for Professional Car Detailing

  • Highly personalised and responsive service which is attentive to your needs
  • Our mobile car valets of courteous, dependable, friendly and punctual
  • Incredible precision and scrupulous attention to detail
  • Access to a variety of car cleaning products to determine the right solution for your vehicle
  • Variety of packages and bespoke alterations to suit your exact requirements 
  • Superb rates of customer satisfaction with the final result
  • Mobile car detailing means we can work from your driveway or parking lot, maximising your convenience!


We think that the repeat business we enjoy throughout Essex and the surrounds speaks for itself and we always enjoy a steady stream of word-of-mouth recommendations.


We know that your car is your pride and joy, so trust the experts to keep it in pristine condition. Protect your paintwork, correct your polish and turn heads with the stunning appearance of your vehicle with our professional car detailing services in Essex!